Unique Benefits :

Power Saving : The microfrocesser controller switches off the condenser fan when the compressor cuts off, thereby saving valuable power.
Fault Diagnostics : The microprocessor controller displays trip conditions enabling quicker identification of the fault and faster remedial action. This results in lower downtime of the unit.
Operation Friendly : Our units can be started and stopped with a single button and the microprocessor does the rest, thus making them very user friendly.
Precise Control : The electronic temperature sensor ensures precise control on temperature, as compared to a conventional thermostat.
Auto Re-start : Unlike conventional units, our units have a unique power-downmemory, which ensures automatic restart of the unit as soon as power is resolved. This solves the effort of re-startin the unit.
Anti-Recycle Timer : The microprocessor controller starts the compressor after a set delay, thereby enhancing its life. Frequent starts/stops in the conventional units decreasethe lifeof the compressor and the electrical switchgear.
Programmable Operation : An optional feature is the real-timeclock which enables programmable operation for one year including holidays. This avoids the need of an operator.

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