The Dunham-Bush WCFX Water-Cooled Rotary Screw Water Chillers are available from 100 to 540 tons. Their performance has been certified by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI). These units are supplied with rotary screw compressors that are backed by 35 years of experience. A two year parts warranty is provided on the entire unit at no extra cost.

The side by side evaporator/condenser arrangement makes a split design optional for ease of movement through any standard commercial doorway.

Features :

Size Range :

• 17 Models from 100 to 540 tons at ARI standard conditions with certified performance

• Multiple compressor units provide redundancy, and favorable partload efficiency

• Two year compressor and parts warranty at no extra cost

Compressor :

• Quiet, reliable MSC Rotary Screw Compressors

• Multiple rotary screw compressor design for fail-safe reliability and redundancy

• Hermetic Design eliminates problematic shaft seals, inspections, expensive teardowns, time consuming alignments, etc.

• Consistent unloading with dependable slide valve mechanism

Evaporator/Condenser :

• Cleanable and Removable Integral Fin Copper Tubes for easy serviceability

• One, Two or Three Water Passes Available for a wide variety of applications

• Removable Water Heads for service

• Victaulic Groove Water Connections for quick installation and/or service

• ASME Coded Refrigerant Side • Relief Valves(s) standard - 3/4" FPT

• Full Pump Down Capacity in Condenser, therefore, pump out unit not required

Microcomputer/Electrical :

• Proactive Microcomputer Controller adapts to abnormal operating conditions

• Tolerant and accommodating of extreme conditions at start-up

• Capable of controlling multiple chillers, cooling towers, pumps, etc.

• Circuit Breaker on each multiple compressor unit

• Unit Mounted Contactor and Time Delay for reduced Inrush Start

• Current and Voltage transformers

• Under Voltage Phase Failure Relay

• Indicator lights for Compressor Overloads, High Motor Temperature, Micro Alarm, Control Power, Compressor Control Circuit.


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