Our commitment to continuous product improvement now leads us to our latest generation screw compressor, the MSC-110 Series.

To take full advantage of this compressor’s features, it is proudly incorporated into the design of our new generation of Air Cooled Screw Compressor Package Chillers, the ACDX-B. As a result, the ACDX-B boasts higher efficiency, smaller footprint, and lower noise levels than previous generations.

Features :

Size Range :

• Rated in accordance with ARI Standard 550/590-98

• 14 Models from 48 to 208 Tons

• Compact, Standard, Extended, and Extra Quiet Versions Available

• Rated with HCFC-22 and Compatible with HFC-134a and HFC-407C

• Painted external panels meet or exceed 500 hour salt spray per ASTM 117

Quiet Operation :

• Standard and extended “Extra Quiet” units are supplied with 855 RPM quiet fans

• Extra Quiet fan option provides 6-8 dBa lower noise level

Compressor :

• Reliable Hermetic Rotary Screw Type at 3550 RPM

• Independent Refrigerant Circuits

• Infinitely Variable Slide Valve Unloading for Precise Load Matching

• Compressor Cycling for Maximum Efficiency

Cooler :

• ASME/CRN Stamped for Safety

• Dunham-Bush High Efficiency Inner Fin Design for Compactness and Weight Reduction

• 300 PSIG on CH Series and 250 PSIG on EX Series Refrigerant Side Design Pressure

• 200 PSIG on Water Side Design Pressure

Condenser :

• Long Life Copper Tubes with Aluminum Fins

• Sub-Cooling Circuit for Efficiency

• 450 PSIG Test Pressure

• Low Noise 30" Diameter Fans - Direct Drive at 1140 RPM (Optional 855 RPM Quiet Fans)

• All Fan Motors Open Drip Proof with Rain Shield for Safety and Low Maintenance

Electrical/Control :

• Advanced Microcomputer for Precise Control

• Chilled Water Pump Control

• Separated Power and Control Panels

• ETL Unit Approval (IEC Control Panel Available)

• Certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 236

• MEA Unit Approval